Submissions for 2004 (in order of submission)

Once Upon a Time and Long Ago by Jeffery Schecter

Dreamscape by Simon Washbourne

Price of Power by Brett M. Bernstein
A rules-lite, descriptive superhero game. Build your powers and then watch your conscience.

UGS by Craig Daniel
A generic system that fits on the inside of a manila folder as a GM screen.

Irradiated Fur by Shanya Almafeta

Kaffe Insomnia by Davide Mazzocchi
(originally in Italian, it was translated in English to be posted here)
The game is about Kaffe (KF105), an artificial coffee synthesis. The year is 2010 and the world is ruled by KaffeInsomnia, the corporation that first made Kaffe. PCs can be Managers, Preachers, Technicians, Daredevils, Soldiers and all are addicted to Kaffe.

Blood Royal by Gordon Fay
A competitive game of fairy-tale intrigue and skulduggery in which players take the roles of a dying King's children, each vying to be named successor at the end of the week.

Jin-Shiato by Orion Cooper
Journey to an empire struggling to maintain its integrity and fight the good fight. Whether martial artist, sorcerer, warrior, scientist, or rogue, you will find excitement in Jin-Shiato. 

Rings & Rogues by Craig Daniel
A fantasy game written primarily in the final hour of my chosen day. Magic works by giving special magic items to complete strangers to trigger their effects.

Tim Traveller by Clive Oldfield
Tim Traveller: A game where players try to keep their '60s time travel TV show on the air, against the odds.

Have-A-Go Heroes by Simon Washbourne
The role-playing game of Marvel City's not-so-super superheroes, in the style of The Mystery Men

SPAM - Super Powered Awesome Mutants by Charles Smith
Contrary to popular belief, radiation doesn't kill you it only makes you stronger. Now let's go beat up that giant sentient lawnmower and take his swag.

Karbon by Jason A Petrasko
Karbon is a blade runner inspired RPG where the players are hunters of the program (behind the scenes power) dropped into RUSA (the Ruins of the USA) on old earth to eliminate escaped karbons (gene engineered copies). The catch: The hunter themselves may be karbons that have infiltrated the ranks of the program...

Above The Earth by Bryant Durrell
Above The Earth is a superhero game designed around resource management mechanics. It's flexible enough to handle street-level superheroes and cosmic powers, all in the same fight. "You have a hundred six sided dice; when you run out, you run out."

SinZen by Evan Paliatseas
Sin/Zen is an experimental game system, with a mechanic based on the Seven Deadly Sins and Zen philosophical concepts. Characters are Entities of power in any of a number of possible game worlds. An Example game world is touched on, Gnothi Seafton, based on the Ancient Greek Mythos.

Faces by Kirk Mitchell
Become the deepest part of a person, become a Face, a segment of their subconscious. Together with the other Faces that make up the person (the Mask) you will either make or break them. Their Life is not just in your hands. You ARE their Life.

Monster Trainer by JL
Submitted for the current Grand Event

Rob Bot and his Robotic Buds by Philip Reed

Atlantis by John Frazer
A game about the ancient world's most famous apocalypse. Play as one of the doomed island's inhabitants as you experience the weeks and months leading up to the end of the decaying and decadent society of Atlantis.

Grand Guignol by stefan shirley
Grand Guignol is a game of redemption and damnation inspired by the work of Alice Cooper.

Road Trip by Troy Fisher
The greatest college tradition of all time. The ROAD TRIP. What happens when you get a car, people to fill the car, and hapless hours of road rage? Only the GM knows.

The Operation by Michael P O'Sullivan
The Operation: an international and independent covert ops organization dedicated to the safety of mankind... or it's subjugation. A game that explores what it means to be a secret agent and the impact that it has on your mind.

Young Gods by Frank Sronce
Some ancient Egyptians suddenly acquire the heads of animals and magical powers. Which of them will be remembered by history?

Haiku by Jared Sorensen
if i were to write
an RPG without rules
what would i call it?

Roguelike by James D. Hargrove
A competative fantasy RPG built to emulate so-called "roguelike" PC games of the early 1980s.

Eastern Front by Jason Kline
A fairly rules light game of borrowing the personas of desperate Russian Soldiers durring the second world war. Roll under atribute mechanics, only a d20 and d12 needed. Simply being jovial is a small victory.

Pirates of the Stars by Carl Gerriets
Pirates of the Stars is an RPG of swashbuckling action and space opera. The system attempts to be as freewheeling and fun as the stories. Come be a space pirate!

Objects by Darryl Park
A really generic game system designed to be easily extendible.

Heavy Metal Magic by Tim Kirk
Heavy Metal musicians find magic in their rock and roll.

Virtues and Vices by James Sterrett
Church groups seens as a bunch of holier-than-thou backbiters: can you stay more virtuous and less sinful than the rest? Inspired by requests for an "anti-KPFS".

The Hidden World by Manu Saxena
The Hidden World is a game of mages and magic set in modern times. White Mages and their aides use any of several styles of magic to defend the world against various kinds of evil.

Detritus by Will Wright
A failure as far as the 24hr game exersize goes, but a useful one, this contains the seeds of what will probably become a pretty good game.

The Monitors by Sandy Antunes
"The Monitors", a combat-free RPG about conflict and domination in the near future.

Bobby is Special by Bobby
"Bobby is Special" is a role-playing game about people suffering from mental retardation. It is a game of challenges for the challenged.
NOTE: You can download BiS by going to the above link and downloading it from the Files section of the group.

Adventures and Luck by Niklas Oberfeld
A just for fun RPG about a bunch of people just ending up in all kinds of crazy adventures. Setting is contemporary modern, rules are simple... well at least I hope. due to 24 hour time limit, mechanics still leave something to be desired, but should be playable as is.

Salome by Ivan Ewert
Everybody wants something. How far would you go to get it ... how far will the world change to make your wishes come true? And what happens when everything you ever wanted becomes the thing you most despise?

Scene Stealers by Thomas Deeny
Play as a member of an ensemble cast on a science-fiction television show. Survive the episode and upstage the other actors! An RPG where you can actually win.

Myth by Patrick McCoy Jr.
Myth is a game of heroes battling evil in the lands of mythic roleplaying.