Submissions for 2005 (in order of submission)

The Rule of 5 RPG by Tad Kelson
The Rule of 5 is a role playing game set in a dystopic world. This has rules, has some background and real lame character sheet.

Enchanted Tales by Tim Bisaillon
Enchanted Tales is a fantasy set in our world, in the here and now. Though, the imagination of man has been dimmed to their cynical beliefs. The mind has been programmed not to see fairies, elves, trolls or treefolk, but your character has. And they have been awakened to the world that is just beyond our belief.

Lost Memories by Justin Anthony Hamilton
A game of transcendent horror in which characters must battle with their own morality and past sins to transcend from a world of illusions.

Ronin Story by Tony Irwin
A samurai blood opera.

A Childish Attempt by Chris Creel
Role playing adventure for the under four foot, six inch set. According to legends the Dwarven, gnome and halfling races live for hundreds of years. Legends do not, however, tell how these races spend their many, many, many juvenile years.

Thou Spy Hath Embrangled Me by Jennifer Diane Reitz
Thou Spy Hath Embrangled Me is a focused, historical Role Play Game set in the European 'little ice age' of 1567 which blends the premise of modern spy movies (such as James Bond) with actual historical events of that time. It is designed for 2-3 players as a one-shot scenario with simple mechanics, but is adaptable to extended play.

Discord by Chris Andrews
A while back, I found out about the 24-Hour RPG project and though to myself, "Damn, that's a cool idea." Making a whole game in 24 hours perfectly suited my attention span, so I started thinking about ideas that would make a good one. After sifting through a few in my muddled mind, I decided upon an idea that had occurred to me after reading a Wikipedia article about occultism.

Lost in Smaragdis by Daniel Quiogue
A pulp-sf RPG inspired by the lost-race, lost-world type stories of authors like H. Rider Haggard, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A. Merritt and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Proletariat: The Uprising by Gordon Fay
Proletariat: The Uprising vaguely satirica RPG/strategy game based on Russian nihilism and communism. Avenge yourselves upon the bourgeoisie!

Shinigami Chronicles by Megan Marie McKnight
Most games are about what happens before the character dies. Thrilling adventures and heroic deaths. Well, this is a game about what happens after death, when a character doesn't want to cross over yet. They can get jobs as Shinigami, or Guardians of Death.

First Level by Ted Ehara
Player plays Orcs on First Level of Dungeons waiting for
the hapless human adventurers.

Wandering Monsters High School by Kynn Bartlett
Every saga has a beginning, they say. And so the story will often start with tales of our stalwart hero as a youth, doing appropriately scaled feats of derring-do.
But what about the other side? Weren窶冲 the bad guys ever kids too? Didn窶冲 they have the same hopes and fears, same teenage angst and ambition, same struggles to make it through the high school day?
And thus the premise of this game: What if monsters went to high school?

Immaculate by Michae l Walton
Angels descend from Heaven to kick demonic butt. The saints lend a helping hand (and an occassional gun). And the Nephilim, the half-human offspring of angels and humans, join their parents in the ultimate battle between good and evil. Welcome to the world of Immaculate.

Frankengame by Christopher Taylor
Frankengame is about playing monsters made up of different pieces and parts. Character generation is a group activity. The rules are lite and freeform. There are brief descriptions of three different settings. For 3 or more players.

The Last Human by Nathan Russel
The Last Human is a sweeping space opera set in a mysterious galaxy filled with strange planets, ferocious aliens, and a terrible menace. A thousand years ago mankind set out for the stars, intent on making a better life for themselves. Aboard the great space arc Utopia they thought to travel to a distant galaxy where they might make a better life for themselves, away from the poll

Fabula Altisonis by Damon Bradshaw
Fabula Altisonis: an Audio RPG- a pen and paper RPG presented in a Audio Book format. It's accompanied by a "reader," a hardcopy reference guide with info and clarifications, and the setting. The Entire 15 files (14 mp3s, 1 pdf) RARed together is around 8.75 megs.

The Ten Thousand Stances by Daniel Marble
High flying Kung-Fu antics, and everything one would expect from a bad Wuxia movie. only 11 pages, and a little rough around the edges, but it should be a fun play. Combat is fast and furious.

Bloodworks by Jacob X
Bloodworks is a generic RPG designed to create conflicted characters for a variety of genres. Though generic, Bloodworks is designed to be flavorful and to provide a character a constant threat--his own dark side.