You can start your own project whenever you want, this above date is just a suggestion!

Post at the 24 Hour RPG Message Board at 1KM1KT, or Join the 24 Hour RPG list at Yahoogroups to discuss the 24 Hour RGP Project and your works!

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24 HOUR RPG is basically the budding and professional game designer's equivalent of a triathalon- You put your body, mind and spirit through some major punishment in a race against time, in this case to develop a full, working, playable role-playing game within a mere 24 hours with other peers. Like a triathalon, there's no "award" for winning; Rather the award is in itself to participate, test yourself, overcome the challenge at hand at your own pace and skill level, and share in the brief glory with your peers.

The 24 Hour RPG Event can be started by any person at any time, as long as they dedicate themselves to following the rules of the event. There is no "sign up list" or "qualifications". Any person of any age or background need only to commit themselves to the rules, do the project, upload it, and head to the discussion group to talk about your work! For the period of the event, the designer has 24 hours only (one full planetary rotation) to go from nothing but perhaps a few nascent ideas, to a full working game complete with system and setting. For the duration of the project, they are not allowed to get any outside help for writing, design, layout or art. When the contest is over, the contestants share and discuss their works; It's up to them what to do from there- Leave the project stand as-is, or possibly even go on to publish it.

The Event can be engaged in by the designer at any time. Approximately once a year, though, a 24 Hour RPG Grand Act will be held. The Grand Act, which is a period of one or two weekends, is a chance for designers to go at the event together. It's also a good "Start Mark" for people who want to participate and prefer a deadline, however artifical, to be put in place so that they can get their butts in gear to complete the Event. Please stay tuned to this site, and the 24 Hour RPG list at Yahoogroups, for details.

Please see the various sections of this site for more info. This event was inspired and organized by Philip J. Reed at a conversation on The Forge regarding a similar Comic Contest.